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Transport for Repeat Exams

For anyone looking for transport to / from their repeat exams, here is a copy of the Summer Park & Ride Timetable


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Repeat Exam Accommodation

A number of accommodation options are available on a short term basis to students who are sitting exams. To save you the hassle of contacting them, here’s a list of some and their prices!

Victoria Lodge

Castlewhite Appartments

Deans Hall

Farranlea Hall

The Spires

Short Term Houses / Digs


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Repeat Exams

Repeating an exam?

No need to panic! Here are some questions you might have.

Q: Do I have to register anywhere for repeat exams?
A: Nope, you’re automatically entered for any repeats.

Q: When are my repeats?
A: Repeats take place between August 5th and August 15th.

Q: How do I get my timetable for repeat exams?
A: Your finalised exam timetable will be available through the student portal by July 25th

Q: Do I have to pay for repeat exams?
A: Unfortunately yes. Repeats cost 35e per 5 credit module. The total amount is capped at 245e. You can pay this through the student portal.

Q: How can I get help with a repeat?
A: Grinds are available at www.grindscentre.com/ucc

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Contact your Education Officer Joe at education@uccsu.ie

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